I have another Kook Koo,
she is our Mother Earth.

respectfully, I harvest all I require from her to help heal and provide for my family. In return I look after her by cultural maintenance of the land I live on, and in return she provides me with all I need. The bush medicines used in our products are harvested with care and responsibility. By only harvesting fallen wood, bark and leaves we are removing fire fuel as well as promoting new growth during the growing season.

40,000 years

Caring for Country

We do not own this country,
we are part of it.

My people have been part of country for millennia. sustainable land management through cultural burning and responsible harvesting is how we maintain a healthy country. Country refers to not only the geographical land but the plants, the animals, the river and the people. Knowing when to harvest and how to harvest by reading country ensures that plants are only picked at exactly the right time.